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Fasihi Enterprise Portal®


Work with the Questionary / Survey module with the
Fasihi Enterprise Portal® (FEP)

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editor and administrator of survey generator: person who creates, edit, configure or evaluate surveys and questionaires.

In this course, the participant get to know all about the survey tool / questionnaire generator module. You will learn how the module is set up, how the individual questions and answer options are build up and what settings are available. With the help of exercises, the structure of the module is practiced and the theoretical knowledge is deepened.

The training as well as the practical exercises take place in the training portal in a special teamroom. 

The employee is able to operate and use the module and independently create multi-page surveys. 

Total approx. 3 hours

If you would like to take part in a training course that we offer as "open training" for everyone, please register here directly. The respective costs are shown separately and will be billed to you for each module. 

If you order a training course for a group of several people, you will receive a personal offer from the Fasihi Academy with the agenda, the general conditions for the training and the costs for the training. The following prices serve as an orientation for you, for your personal offer is valid the price information in the offer. 

Please note all prices here are plus VAT.

Module 1 - 1,5 hours| € 510 | Introduction to the module
Module 2 - 1,5 hours| € 510 | Creating and edit Surveys and questionaires

Administration costs

  • For training administration, training environment, training documents and certificates, € 102 will be charged per training. 
  • If you would like to book a training room at Fasihi GmbH Ludwig-Reichling-Strasse 6, Ludwigshafen, € 200 per day will be charged. 
  • If you need a laptop for the practical exercises during the training, you can rent a laptop for € 15 per day. 

It is possible to book just individual modules instead of the entire package. The prerequisite for the participants in each module is that they have the necessary prior knowledge. (see information on the training content) 

All training courses are limited to a maximum of 6 participants in order to best meet the needs of all participants.

If the client requires additional persons to take part in the training, this must be agreed in advance. The costs for each additional participant vary per module.

Module 1 - 1,5 hours| € 153
Module 2 - 1,5 hours|  153 

If there are more than 8 participants, we recommend splitting the training into two trainings. 

Employees need a laptop for the practical exercises. Laptops can be rented for a fee (see cost breakdown - administration costs rental laptop).

Unless otherwise agreed, the training will be carried out at the customer's premises. The following framework conditions apply:

  • The client is responsible for providing a suitable training room.
  • Network access for a BASF GPS notebook (LAN or WiFi) is provided for the Fasihi trainer.
  • The room is equipped with a projector or similar device for presentation purposes.

If the training takes place at Fasihi GmbH, additional costs are due (see cost overview – training room, Ludwig-Reichling-Straße 6, Ludwigshafen)

The training can be carried out in the form of a webinar if agreed by the client and the Fasihi Academy.

All training courses are offered in German and English.

Module 1 – Theoretical part

  • Introduction in the module
  • Showing how to build up a Survey with several pages (chapter)
  • Create different types of questions and answers
  • Statistics and export
  • Administration

Module 2 – Practical part

  • Create a Survey
    •  create everal pages (chapter)
    • Create different types of questions and answers
    • Presentation in the frontend
  • Administration and configuration
  • Doing some tests with different users and analyse of result

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