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News Editors: Employees who work in a news module in the Fasihi Enterprise Portal, carry out new news entries there and update existing articles.

By means of a training and exercise environment, the employees will get to know the most important topics concerning the work with the News Module in connection with the Fasihi Design of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal.

Module 1 - General Part

The News Module with its different display types in the Fasihi Enterprise Portal will be demonstrated, i.e. how News pages are displayed in overviews and detailed views, how the additional functions such as subscription and search/filtering can be integrated and used.

How new news pages can be created and pages can be edited will be shown in an overview, as well as the structuring of pages with the Page Builder.

Module 2 - News Form Editing

The other partly specific news form fields are introduced and their functions are shown, like categories, newsletter dispatch, picture gallery, etc., additionally the possibilities and functionalities around the language change are shown.

Module 3 - Newsletter functions

The specific functions around the subscription - creating and customizing categories, configuration, checking customzing and sending a newsletter . In this context, the usual functions of the news mail system are presented.

The participants are able to work independently with the news system in the new design, create news pages and fill out the relevant fields in the news form.

The individual field functions and their meaning in the news entry are known. With the help of the news mail system, newsletters can be created, checked and sent.

Module 1: approx. 1.5 hours (general part)
Module 2: approx. 1.0 hour (news form editing)
Module 3: approx. 1.0 hour (Newsletter functions)
Total: approx. 3.5 hours

If you would like to participate in a training that we offer as "open training" for everyone, please register directly here. The respective costs are shown separately and will be invoiced to you per module.

If you order a training for a group of several persons, you will receive a personal offer from us, in which you will get the agenda, the general conditions for the training as well as the costs for the training listed, the following prices serve as an orientation for you, for your personal offer valid are the price quotations in the offer.
Please note that all prices here are exclusive of VAT.

Module 1 - 1,5 hours | 550,- € | General part
Module 2 - 1,0 hour   | 330,- € | News form processing
Module 3 - 1,0 hour   | 330,- € | Newsletter functions

Administration costs

  • For training administration, training environment, training materials and certificates we charge 110,- € per training.
  • Optional: If you would like to book a training room at Fasihi GmbH Ludwig-Reichling-Strasse 6, Ludwigshafen, 200,- € will be charged per day.
  • Optional: If you need a laptop for the practical exercises during the training, you can rent a rental device for 15,- € per day.

It is possible to book only single modules instead of the complete package. The prerequisite for participants in each module is that they have the necessary prior knowledge. (see details of the training contents)

All group training courses are limited to a maximum of 6 participants, so that the needs of all participants can be met in the best possible way.

If it is necessary for you that additional persons participate in the training, this has to be agreed upon in advance, there will be additional costs per additional participant depending on the module.

Module 1 - 1,5 hours | 153,- € | General part
Module 2 - 1,0 hour   | 102,- € | News form processing
Module 3 - 1,0 hour   | 102,- € | Newsletter functions

We generally recommend to split the training into two sessions if there are more than 9 participants. 

Employees need a laptop for the practical exercises. Laptops can be rented for a fee (see cost breakdown - administration costs rental laptop).

Unless otherwise agreed, the training shall be conducted at the Client's premises. The following general conditions apply:

  • The selection of a suitable training room is incumbent upon the contracting party
  • Internet access (LAN or WLAN) is available for the Fasihi trainer
  • The room is equipped with a beamer or similar for presentation purposes

If the training course takes place on the premises of the Fasihi GmbH, additional costs will be due
(see list of costs - training room, Ludwig-Reichling-Straße 6, Ludwigshafen).

The training can be carried out in the form of a webinar; this will be agreed upon between the customer and the Fasihi Academy.

All trainings are offered in German or English.

Module 1 - General part
(no previous knowledge necessary)

News Module

  • General introduction of the module
  • Different display types
  • Context menus and filing in Homepage Explorer
  • Short introduction to the Page Builder for page structures
  • Creating news pages and editing content

Practical part

  • Practical exercises in the training portal

Module 2 - News form editing 
(Previous knowledge: Module 1)

News Form

  • Configuring news pages and editing news fields
  • Linking news pages across languages
  • Trigger newsletters

Practical part

  • Practical exercises in the training portal

Module 3 - Newsletter functions
(Previous knowledge: Module 1 and 2)

News mail system

  • Configure news mail system for subscription
  • Define categories for subscription
  • Set up and customize email for newsletter
  • Create, check and send newsletters

Practical part

  • Practical exercises in the training portal

Have we aroused your interest? You can reach our Fasihi Academy under +49 (0) 621 - 520078 - 240 or We are looking forward to your contact.