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Fasihi Enterprise Portal®


Edit web pages with the CMS module of the
Fasihi Enterprise Portal® (FEP)

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Power Editors & Authors: Users who edit content but also create and edit navigation and page struc-tures in the portal using the FEP Page Builder, and who create and manage customized templates for the editors.
Power editors and authors are the first point of contact for the editors for any questions and problems with the Fasihi Enterprise Portal (FEP).

Editors: users who mainly manage existing pages and update and edit information such as content pages, images, links, documents and business cards. 
Their knowledge of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal focuses on the revision of existing content in the portal; they do not work with the Page Builder to create navigation and page structures.

Participants will get to know the most important topics regarding content editing in the new design of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal. All trainings are conducted in a test portal. 

Training participants will get to know the functions needed to create complex page structures in the Page Builder. Creating and using customer-specific templates is also part of the training.

An introduction to the Homepage Explorer will give the users additional information about operations in the backend of the portal. The training course is modular in structure. 

Module 1 – Introduction and content editing 

After an introduction to the different views in the portal (user, author and page editor), participants will learn how to edit content pages (HTML pages) with the page editor.

Main focus will be on text formatting and embedding media such as images and videos. Participants will also get to know the proprietary image editor of the portal. Adding and configuring links and the use of meta data and keywords for the search are also part of this module. In addition, participants will receive tips and best practices regarding various functions.

Module 2: Creating a simple page structure

The structure of the portal, the Page Builder and the creation of navigation levels and sub-levels are the key topics of this module. The participants will learn how to create a new page and how to insert, config-ure and edit templates with the Page Builder.

Module 3: Working with templates and customer templates

In addition to the templates for content pages covered in module 1, there are other frequently used templates in the Page Builder, which are explored in more detail in this module. In particular the tem-plates from the Content and Media categories will be examined more closely.

The training participants will also learn how to work with predefined templates in the portal and what to consider when using them.

Module 4: Creating container structures

Based on the knowledge gained in module 2, complex container structures such as grid, slider and accor-dion will be discussed. The participants will also learn how to apply page structures and templates to sub-pages (inheritance). Advanced Page Builder settings and responsive design (different views for devices such as laptop, tablet, or smartphone) will also be covered.

After completing all 4 modules, the participants will be able to create and edit content, to use the Page Builder for creating and publishing complex page structures, to manage portal areas and to provide as-sistance to editors. 

Module 1: approx. 2.0 hours    (Introduction and content editing)
Module 2: approx. 1.0 hour      (Creating a simple page structure)
Module 3: approx. 1.5 hours    (Working with templates and customer templates)
Module 4: approx. 1.5 hours    (Creating container structures)
Total: approx. 6.0 hours

The trainings sessions are consecutive, i.e. participants must complete one module before starting the next module or must have equivalent previous knowledge. 

The following variants are examples of a training schedule. The training sessions can be adapted to the specific needs of the client. 

Morning Sessions

Day 1

Module 1 09:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Module 2 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Day 2

Module 3 09:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Module 4 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Variante - Nachmittagsseminare

Day 1

Module 1 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Module 2 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Day 2

Module 3 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Module 4 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

If you would like to take part in a training course that we offer as "open training" for everyone, please register here directly. The respective costs are shown separately and will be billed to you for each module. 

If you order a training course for a group of several people, you will receive a personal offer from the Fasihi Academy with the agenda, the general conditions for the training and the costs for the training. The following prices serve as an orientation for you, for your personal offer is valid the price information in the offer. 

Please note all prices here are plus VAT.

Module 1 - 2,0 hours| € 660 | Introduction and content editing
Module 2 - 1,0 hours| € 330 | Creating a simple page structure
Module 3 - 1,5 hours| € 530 | Working with templates and customer templates
Module 4 - 1,5 hours| € 550 | Creating container structures

Administration costs

  • For training administration, training environment, training documents and certificates, € 102 will be charged per training. 
  • If you would like to book a training room at Fasihi GmbH Ludwig-Reichling-Strasse 6, Ludwigshafen, € 200 per day will be charged. 
  • If you need a laptop for the practical exercises during the training, you can rent a laptop for € 15 per day. 

It is possible to book just individual modules instead of the entire package. The prerequisite for the participants in each module is that they have the necessary prior knowledge. (see information on the training content) 

All training courses are limited to a maximum of 6 participants in order to best meet the needs of all participants.

If the client requires additional persons to take part in the training, this must be agreed in advance. The costs for each additional participant vary per module.

Module 1 - 2,0 hours| € 204
Module 2 - 1,0 hour  |  102  
Module 3 - 1,5 hours|  153 
Module 4 - 1,5 hours|  153 

If there are more than 8 participants, we recommend splitting the training into two trainings or to plan separate trainings for editors and power editors/authors. 

Employees need a laptop for the practical exercises. Laptops can be rented for a fee (see cost breakdown - administration costs rental laptop).

Unless otherwise agreed, the training will be carried out at the customer's premises. The following framework conditions apply:

  • The client is responsible for providing a suitable training room.
  • Network access for a BASF GPS notebook (LAN or WiFi) is provided for the Fasihi trainer.
  • The room is equipped with a projector or similar device for presentation purposes.

If the training takes place at Fasihi GmbH, additional costs are due (see cost overview – training room, Ludwig-Reichling-Straße 6, Ludwigshafen)

The training can be carried out in the form of a webinar if agreed by the client and the Fasihi Academy.

All training courses are offered in German and English.

Module 1 -– Introduction and content editing (approx. 120 min)
(No previous knowledge required)

Introduction to working with the portal

  • Content and objective of the module
  • Page layout and structure
  • Portal views – user, author, and page editor (introduction to access rights)

Content editing I

  • General information about working in the user view
  • Editing mode
  • Image editing
  • Settings of the page template (link, layout, keywords, etc.)

Practical part

  • Practical exercises in the training portal

Module 2 – Creating a simple page structure (approx. 60 min)
(Previous knowledge required: Module 1)

Review of the previous module

  • Brief repetition of the course content to date

Content pages I

  • Page creation process
  • Navigation
  • Creating page structures
  • Additional functions related to navigation and Page Builder

Practical part

  • Practical exercises in the training portal

Modul 3 – Arbeiten mit den Vorlagen und Kundenvorlagen (90 Min)
(Previous knowledge required: Module 1)

Review of the previous module

  • Brief repetition of the course content to date

Content Editing II

  • Editing templates
  • Media templates (without Coverflow and Excel Viewer)
  • Content templates (without stripe and tile navigation)
  • Customer-specific templates

Practical part

  • Practical exercises in the training portal

Modul 4 – Aufbau von Containerstrukturen (90 Min)
(Previous knowledge required: Module 1)

Review of the previous module

  • Brief repetition of the course content to date

Page structure

  • Editing page structures
  • Advanced settings and views

Creating pages II

  • Creating container structures
  • Container templates
  • Advanced Page Builder settings

Practical part

  • Practical exercises in the training portal


Have we piqued your interest? You can reach our Fasihi Academy at +49 (0) 621 - 520078 - 240 or We are looking forward to your contact